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The Anti-Dan Radcliffe Community

He thought he was a werewolf

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Anti-Dan Radcliffe Community. We're one of the few, so join up! Who is Dan Radcliffe, you might ask? He's the actor who's most well-known for playing Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies, and for starting a huge torrent of "fangirls". Why do you hate him, you might ask? Hate is a strong word, and we here at Anti-Radcliffe prefer the term "strongly dislike" - that doesn't mean we won't let you hate! We believe his actings skills are non-existent, his looks are something to fear, and his over-all personality is a result of crack consummed during pregnancy. Are we harsh? Possible. But if you like Dan Radcliffe, you can simply pass on by this community!


1. Our first rule is to not come in bashing this community. If you have an extreme love for this faux-Harry Potter, take it somewhere else. If you like him, and start a topic defending him without offending others in the community, it might be allowed. Maybe. If the members of this community grow angry with your post, it will be removed.

2. Feel free to talk about whatever you feel like, there's no need for strong restrictions in this community. We do ask that you include something Dan Radcliffe, Anti-Dan Radcliffe or Harry Potter related. Feel free to talk about the other Harry Potter actors/actresses/characters while you post.
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